Data Forest

The cinematographic project of ‘Planet City’ abducts humanity -as a whole- into a single hyperdense megalopolis of seven billion citizens.
by Asmayadinata Muljadi Putera & Jan
Data forest is a library of knowledge. This artificial landscape represents a new path for an individual to remove themselves from the polluted reality in the city. The landscape for some becomes a home, and others a place for a spiritual retreat away from the mess. This space becomes a realm for one to experience and learn things that are ancient for them. When one enters this landscape, a journey begins as a nomad, every location is uniquely different that holds diverse events which are all created by either collectives or individuals that were there prior.
This project revolves around the word emancipation, by allying with technology we intend to hack into the norm, by opening up a usually private and enclosed space to a space of public, a gesture of welcome and a gift for planet city. Data centers have always been an enterprises of domination for patriarchy and capitalism. We acknowledge that this is a challenge but also a reason it needs to be debunked and reconstructed. Not just adopted. I will quote from the xenofeminist manifesto, chapter 1 zero “freedom is not a natural given or a human right, it is something that we must manufacture.”
The forest itself is an archive of knowledge of a growing landscape, where it becomes the new age library. Individuals are free to access its data from the landscape from means of connecting through the furnitures which are the secondary parts of the forestry. Through these secondary furnitures individuals will be able to engage themselves with the data, they are the medium that links the datas to humans. The characters have their own characteristics that play specific roles in our artificial landscape. Its movement and performance depends on its roles as part of the ecosystem in our site.
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